Introduction to Prose Fiction and Creative Writing

Unthank Logo V2Organised by the wonderful Unthank School, I am leading a ten week course in Brighton, two hours every Sunday afternoon, starting April 6th. The course is for those new to creative writing or who are looking for encouragement to continue.

The focus will be to stop thinking about writing and to actually write. Whether you want to write fiction, memoir or creative non-fiction, the course will support you to write through whatever fear and uncertainty you might have, without preconceived ideas about what or how you should write. Whether you write from personal life, intuition or imagination, you will be guided to step out of your own way and open up your ‘child eyes’ to whatever wants to be expressed on the page.

The weekly sessions will include practical exercises, readings and discussion. You will be gently encouraged to finish at least one complete piece by the end of the course.

***FAQs about the course on Unthank School blog.

Time: Sundays, starting April 6th, 2014, 2 – 5 p.m.
: Tree of Life Centre 143-145 Portland Road, Brighton & Hove, BN3 5QJ
Cost: £200 – pre-booking essential, group size is limited to 12
To register or ask any questions, please email or myself at

“A writer is not so much someone who has something to say as he is someone who has found a process that will bring about new things he would not have thought of if he had not started to say them.”
~William Stafford



Winter News: reviews and awards

A nice little write up in The Southern Star, a local Cork paper:


Reviews of my short story, “So Long, Marianne” in the Unthology No 3:

Sabotage – October 16, 2012 Review by Charlotte Barnes
Bookmunch – October 11, 2012 Review by Fran Slater

And my flash story, “Minotaur” was short listed for Lightship Publishing’s The Lightship International Flash Fiction Prize and will be published in their anthology in November.


Ink Sweat & Tears review of Unthology

Another review of Unthank Books Unthology no 1 in Ink Sweat & Tears. “This collection is edgy, sharp and original and certainly shows that the short story is alive and well..” more..

My short story, Write or Die, is mentioned:

“…the fiction which, however you want to define it, is full of fresh, strong voices giving testimony to all that is weird and tangential, seething under the calm surface of everyday life. In Sandra Jensen’s Write or Die, we witness the breathless confession of Dale, foul mouthed and virtually illiterate, yet imbued with a sense of righteousness and a poetry of vision reminiscent of a figure from Faulkner.”

The review is by author Sarah Bower.

Write or Die is being Unthologised…

My crazed short story, Write or Die, is being Unthologised in Unthank Books Unthology No. 1. If you go to their website, you can get a free sample… and you can buy a copy or rather pre-order one as it’s only available on December 1. If you do get a copy please review it on Amazon! Unlike many anthologies, they split the 25% royalty between all the contributors so your pennies are going to a good cause: supporting starving writers ;-)

UnthologyCoverFbk“UNTHOLOGY NO.1 is the first in a series dedicated to showcasing unconventional, unpredictable and experimental stories. Containing seventeen pieces by brand new as well as established authors, this is a hard-hitting, hilarious and entertaining collection. Inside you will encounter a motley crew of animals, objects and even humans. These are tales that inject fresh venom into the shorter form.”

Unthology No. 1 Advance Information Sheet