Write or Die is being Unthologised…

My crazed short story, Write or Die, is being Unthologised in Unthank Books Unthology No. 1. If you go to their website, you can get a free sample… and you can buy a copy or rather pre-order one as it’s only available on December 1. If you do get a copy please review it on Amazon! Unlike many anthologies, they split the 25% royalty between all the contributors so your pennies are going to a good cause: supporting starving writers ;-)

UnthologyCoverFbk“UNTHOLOGY NO.1 is the first in a series dedicated to showcasing unconventional, unpredictable and experimental stories. Containing seventeen pieces by brand new as well as established authors, this is a hard-hitting, hilarious and entertaining collection. Inside you will encounter a motley crew of animals, objects and even humans. These are tales that inject fresh venom into the shorter form.”

Unthology No. 1 Advance Information Sheet

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