What Rough Beast

Letting go of what you have already written and starting a new creative project

My final guest post on Story Machine is up! How do you move on from one novel to another? It’s not easy, that’s for sure. At least not for me, but an unexpected situation helped… read about it here.

Ronan, my black cat, staring at me from his favourite box

Ronan, of course, is always happy to offer his advice….

Completing Your Writing Project

I have another guest post on Story Machine– an interview where I discuss finishing a writing project – a novel in my case. There are a number of questions, for example, “How do you maintain momentum to finish a first draft?” and “If I need help with my work, a professional editorial eye, where can I find it?” You can read my answers here.

Ronan waiting patiently (not!) for me to get off the computer….

Writing When Ill

I have a new guest post at Your Writing Launchpad that talks about what I do to help me get back to writing when my illness (ME/CFS) has chomped away at my confidence, or I am only able to write for a very short amount of time per day. The tips work for anyone however, and are focussed on how to create a daily writing practice that you can stick to. You can read the blog here.

Ronan cuddling close, staring at me with his big yellow eyes

My ever trusty ‘nurse’, Ronan (he does great acupuncture…)