Still Suffering

It’s eight months since I wrote The Unendurable, eight months since I created a fundraiser to help with my healthcare costs. I’m still here, I’m still suffering, although I am not, as I was then, at the complete end of my tether. Thanks to the generous support I received I’ve been doing ongoing trauma work and this is giving me a new-found inner strength, unwinding the programming I’ve had nearly all my life: “I’m alone” “There is no help”. I don’t think these things now.

Nevertheless I am still suffering physically, mostly from my adverse reaction to the AstraZenica vaccines and each day is a challenge, much of it spent lying down. I did hope to be in Germany now, seeing friends, but I just don’t feel well enough. My sciatica is manageable for the most part, but has gotten about 20% worse in the past 10 days, I’m not sure why. I try to stay positive, something that is easier these days, knowing I have so much support. I know the title of this blog isn’t what anyone wants to hear, let alone me, so I’m grateful if you are here, reading.

I still have multiple weird symptoms. It’s difficult to explain them all. In fact I had my first Twitter spat recently when someone I’ve never heard of said, “I am starting to write a paper on vaccine injuries. Which symptoms are you suffering?” I thought this sounded a bit odd, given his handle was about a sheep farm, and when I said so I was swarmed by his acolytes giving me good ticking off. Nevertheless it did make me think a simple diagram would help when people ask me what’s going on, and I’m taking, quite literally, a page out of Caroline Pover’s wonderful book “Covid Vaccine Adverse Reaction Survival Guide”. I’ve kept the book title/author in the image, but the symptoms are mine.

The funds raised by so many generous people are beginning to run out and I’m sending out my fundraiser into the world again to help me continue the treatments that already give me some relief, and perhaps there are others out there that I can’t even consider due to cost – HBOT for example, or a therapy that has helped many with Long Covid and post-vaccine-syndrome, but is only available abroad. Also possibly seeing a private neurologist as I have a 44 week wait for proper diagnosis of could be a progressively worsening condition (small fibre neuropathy). And, I still haven’t seen a gastrologist though it was two months ago I was diagnosed with “severe pancreatic insufficiency“…

It’s still hard for me to do, still hard for me to ask for money, and I have no expectations. And if you do donate, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

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