Guest Blog at Mslexia 4, 5 + 6


My last three post as guest blogger on Mslexia as a guest blogger, with a short excerpt:

Freefalling into Editing “For me, editing is a tortuous process. Sometimes inspiration pays a visit and I can suddenly see how to fix the logjam of awkward sentences and eye-ball rolling plot, but mostly it’s a two-step forward, one step back lurch into the unknown.

I far prefer writing the first draft. Probably because I “Freefall” first drafts….”

On Not Being a Sick Person “One of the things I’m supposed to be blogging about here is being a writer with a chronic illness. I sit here, in bed, as it happens, feeling quite blank about the subject. My illness has never featured in any of my fiction, which might seem a bit odd since it has been a central feature of my life for nearly 20 years.  Perhaps it’s like living in Ireland: I’m sure I’ll write about it when I’m no longer living here (the plan is to move to the UK in 2013).

Will l ever not have a chronic illness?”

Another Novel Challenge “Once again I wanted to avoid blogging about my progress on my novel. It’s going in such fits and starts and I’ve complained every inch (word?) of the way.

Then I read the quote from the recent Mslexia interview with Diana Athill:

“I have never understood how many writers moan and groan about how awful writing is. Absolute nonsense.”

I’ve Thoroughly enjoyed my time at Mslexia and feel I’ve only just got warmed up! For my first 3 posts, go here.

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