Mihalis and the Mermaid

FH247My short story, Mihalis and the Mermaid, received an honourable mention for the Canadian literary magazine Fiddlehead’s 20th Annual Best Short Fiction Competition. There is only one first place, and two honourable mentions. You can purchase the issue here. I believe in supporting literary magazines and small presses, so please do buy the issue if you are interested in reading the story.

The judge of the fiction section of the competition was Steven Heighton, who has written several award winning novels and poetry collections. He had this to say about my story: “”Mihalis and the Mermaid” is a hypnotic tale, lyrical but eerie and disturbing, told from three perspectives that are equally well-handled: that of a seven-year-old girl and of her somewhat older brother, both visiting Crete with their mother, and of a local young man who tells us, “I turn the children in the fire of my heart, turning them over and over like pigs on a spit, washing them with love.” Yikes. As you read this story you will think you know what’s going to happen next and you will be wrong.”

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