Another addition to the list of short listings…

I seem to have an embarrassingly long list of stories short listed in competitions. However, this one I am very pleased about: I was a finalist in the BRIDPORT PRIZE 2010.  Over 6,000 stories were received and approx 100 shortlisted.  Zoë Heller was the judge this year and her report will be available on the Bridport site from 31st October. The Bridport Prize is one of the most prestigious short story prizes around – certainly in the UK. Some writer’s careers have been launched by this competition: Kate Atkinson’s short story went on to become the first chapter of her wonderful novel ‘Behind the Scene at the Museum’. The winning stories are read by leading London literary agents who scout for new talent using this prestigious competition.

It’s worth noting that the story of mine that was short listed has been passed over by many lesser competitions and journals. I actually think the story is one of my best, so it was good to get confirmation of this and encouragement to keep submitting and to trust my instinct.

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