Page A Day

The Page A Day assignment has been so successful on Diving Deeper, I would recommend it to anyone who is struggling with their writing, or simply trying to find a back way ‘in’, or just wanting to start a writing practice.

Basically you write about a page a day, on anything. Whatever comes up. Not trying to write a story or an article: let yourself run wild. Write what comes up, even if what comes up is “I can’t write I can’t write I can’t write”. Amazingly, something always will come up. Another tack is to write what you don’t want to write about… write what makes you sweat.

Out of my May month of page a days (some examples are in the blogs for May) I have one piece accepted for publication as flash fiction, and other one I’m sending out, and several that could end up being a longer story, woven together. I did not plan any of this, most certainly did not plan to write publishable material. What I was doing was following a suggestion of another writer, to write a page a day to just keep one’s hand in , so that when the bigger work, the novel, the short story, perhaps the piece that we are ‘blocked on’ or simply don’t have time to write at the moment, is not so difficult to dive into.

At the moment I am using the practice to help me write my novel, Serendip (draft title). It has been a difficult work to get into for a number of reasons, but the short, finite shape of one page feels a much more manageable goal than ‘finish the novel’.

About Sandra Jensen

I am a writer. I was born in South Africa and have British and Canadian citizenship. I have over 40 short story and flash fiction publications, including in: World Literature Today, The Irish Times, Descant, AGNI, The Fiddlehead and others. My work has received a number of awards including winning the 2012 bosque Fiction Competition and the 2011 J.G. Farrell award for best novel-in-progress. I have been awarded Professional Writer’s Grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, the Arts Council of Ireland and Arts Council England. The novel I have recently completed, Ten Virtuous Acts, is a literary adventure set in Sri Lanka during the civil war. I was a guest writer and panellist at the 12th and 13th International Conference on the Short Story (Little Rock, Arkansas and Austria); an invited participant at The Galle Literary Festival, Sri Lanka in 2011 and a six-time participant of the Sirenland Writer’s Conference in Positano, Italy. I attended The Banff Centre’s Wired Writing Studio in 2011/2012. I administer the In Memory of Vučko and AWABosnia websites, raising awareness and funds to stop animal suffering in Bosnia-Herzegovina. I live with my partner, David Crean and my foundling cat, Rónán.
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